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Kelly Greig is a reporter, host and producer based in Montreal, QC. With over five years experience in media she is comfortable reporting, interviewing and self-producing pieces that range from formal reports to interactive personality pieces. She is now working with Sportsnet and City TV on the weekly sports magazine show Montreal Connected where she is a reporter and associate producer. Formerly she held positions with CBC Montreal, CBC London (UK), Discovery Channel Canada, Canadian Geographic, OpenFile Montreal, The Gazette and CJAD 800 AM. Shot by: Ian Graham Edited by: Samuel Saulnier

Habs EOTP: Can the Canadiens find a first-line right winger from within?

At this year’s trade deadline Marc Bergevin did more shopping than a teenager with their parent’s credit card. He set a franchise record for number of trades on deadline day. He acquired a defenceman, two centres and also a winger in the days leading up to the deadline.

While I’m not here to dispute his wheeling and dealing skills – there was a need that was not addressed by the GM. The Montreal Canadiens are still a team with a vacancy – and it’s a big one: top line right wing playing alongside Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais.

Michel Therrien is the one taking resumes for the job and handing out try-outs. Let’s see how the candidate pool stacks up.

NOTE: (All numbers assuming Desharnais and Pacioretty are two of the three top line mates)


Of course the obvious choice to complete the trio is the guy who’s already got the job. Pacioretty-Desharnais-Gallagher has been the most common combo for the Canadiens this season with Therrien putting the three together just over 20% of the time.  Brendan Gallagher brings some grit to the line and will be the guy in the corner digging the pucks out. One of his most valuable assets on the top line is getting in the face of goaltenders thereby tying up a defenceman who will try to move all 5’9″ out of the way.

Since moving up to the top line in mid-February he’s produced five goals and four assists. The only downside is that Gallagher is good no matter where you play him so he could be used on every line. Once Marc Bergevin fixes the bugs in the cloning machine we won’t have to worry about this problem anymore.


When Parenteau arrived in Montreal it was like the prodigal son arrived to fill the spot on the top line. That’s exactly where he started … for the first game. Then he spent a month bouncing around the second and third lines.  It wasn’t until the beginning of November that Parenteau found his way back to the top, only to be dropped down again a month later for the Dale Weise experience. In that run as number one he produced a paltry four goals and two assists. He returned to the team against the Sharks yesterday after being sidelined with a concussion on the fourth line with Malhotra and Weise. Considering the number of bottom-6 forwards now entering the lineup, Parenteau will very likely get a promotion, likely to the second line.

While he’s pegged as a likely candidate to get more minutes with Pacioretty and Desharnais, he hasn’t wowed the management with his skill. Compare his time on the top line in November with the elite right-wingers in the league in that stretch- Chicago’sPatrick Kane (9G, 8A), Toronto’s Phil Kessel (7G, 6A) or the Rangers’ Martin St-Louis (6G, 5A). It’s clear Parenteau will need to earn that top-line spot by getting on the score sheet.


Dale Weise came out of the woodwork to surprise everyone on the top line. He’s the duo’s third-most common winger and by far the most controversial.  Weise was lambasted for not being able to keep pace and dragging the first line down to the level of the third.

The dark horse here is always Weise, whom Therrien can throw into the mix to keep things fresh.

What Weise has going for him is that the expectations for him were set so low that any production was a pleasant surprise for the team. Indeed, Weise is having a career year with 9G and 15A. Is that reason enough to keep him on the top line? No. What it did do was make the other contenders pick up their game. For Michel Therrien it allows him to use his depth if needed. Since dropping off the first line Weise has played on every single other line.


Devante Smith-Pelly’s strength is just that; strength. He started his tenure here on the top line but was quickly dropped down to the third to play alongside fellow grinderBrandon Prust and speedster Jacob De La Rose. While he’s got a powerful shot and can bring a physical aspect to the top line (someone has to look out for little Davey) he by no means is a finesse player. In his time with the Ducks he only manage to generate 26 assists over four seasons so using him as a set-up man is also a weak excuse to put him with the scorers.

Then there’s the speed issue. The Canadiens are focused on being one of the fastest teams – Therrien knew they were trading away a skater in Jiri Sekac for a grinder in Smith-Pelly.  “We went to pick up a player who’s tough to play against, will finish his check and has a good pace to his game, kills penalties. When you get players like that you give up a great skater like Sekac, but both teams filled their needs,” he said just after the trade.

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January 17,  2015

Habs Eyes on the Prize: Beyond the Bright Lights

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As the horn to end the first period sounds a camera assistant flicks a switch and the 10’x10′ studio at the Canadian Tire Centre floods with light. Ties are straightened, microphones adjusted and as the red light turns on so do Sportsnet’s two hosts.On-air John Bartlett and Jason York work seamlessly as the Montreal Canadiensplay-by-play and colour announcers. While they are perfectly in sync on camera, just beyond the lights their styles couldn’t be more different.

In Sportsnet’s makeshift studio five people are nearly stepping on each other’s toes- two hosts, a stats keeper, a cameraman and a camera assistant. Wires are coiled along every wall. The ledge that overlooks the ice in front of the pair is a mess of papers and empty coffee cups strewn about.


In front of York sits one legal sized page with both team’s rosters in black, ages in green, numbers in red with any pertinent facts cramming in along the sides. Every player gets their own square – it looks more like a blueprint or a map of a battle plan rather than a memory aid. According to York the cheat sheet takes about 2 to 3 hours to make for every game and has nearly everything he needs to know on it.

the horn to end the first period sounds a camera assistant flicks a switch and the 10’x10′ studio at the Canadian Tire Centre floods with light. Ties are straightened, microphones adjusted and as the red light turns on so do Sportsnet’s two hosts.

Bartlett’s station tells a different story. Pages are stacked over pages with tiny, near illegible writing scrawled up and down margins. A quick glance beside Lars Eller’s name shows that he has four points in the past eight games and is tied for 2nd in the NHL in game-winning goals. The array of coloured papers include lineups, goal details, period-by-period stats and promotional scripts all scattered into what only a broadcaster with 20 years of experience would see as organized chaos.

Bartlett himself is the ultimate multitasker with the ability to call the game, speak to the producer of the show, answer texts and even schmooze with the boss all while keeping an eye on what’s happening on the ice. While he seems like a human encyclopedia Bartlett says remembering the rosters and stats, “just comes with time and the territory. The more you see a team, like a divisional opponent, the more familiar you are. The prep is a mix of constant ongoing things like watching a lot of other games.”

“You know that video of Elaine dancing on Seinfeld? This is worse.”                                                             -Jason York

As the second period gets underway seeing the duo work is like a dance. As Milan Michalek streaks down the wing to set up Erik Karlsson, Bartlett keeps his pace in time with the play. He takes a breath to watch Karlsson snap the puck over Dustin Tokarski’s shoulder before his goal call is nearly drowned out by the roar of the fans. As he quickly scribbles down the names of scorers York watches the tape back. While York is analyzing the Habs defensive breakdown Bartlett taps him on the shoulder to point out that Pacioretty is back on the bench after tending to an injury.

Maintaining energy throughout a three hour broadcast takes creativity and there is literal dancing involved. While waiting to come back on camera from a break John takes the time to show off his moves to the top 40 hits piped into the Canadian Tire Centre. “You know that video of Elaine dancing on Seinfeld?” York said, “this is worse.”

It feels like the pair have been together for longer than they have been. Their first broadcast together was October 9th in Washington. Bartlett was signed on after three years as the voice of the Habs on TSN Radio. “The opportunity presented to me by Sportsnet to do the Habs on TV was one I simply couldn’t refuse. To do Habs games to a national audience, along with the opportunity to be part of the iconic Hockey Night in Canada brand is something very special,” he said. Bartlett will get the chance to realize his 20-year dream Saturday as the Senators face the Hurricanes when he calls his first national Hockey Night game.

York is now on the broadcaster’s side of the microphone after 17 years in the league with five different teams. He started on on the sidelines but says he much prefers the job in the booth. “This is exactly what I wanted to do, I prefer it to interviewing players and being an analyst gets you into too much trouble,” he joked referencing that he still knows many active players in the league.

As the game winds down to an unspectacular 4-1 win by the Senators Bartlett and York manage to keep the energy in the booth going. The two hold their smiles well after they throw the broadcast to a studio in Toronto because as long as the red light is on, so are they.

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With unlikely offensive contributions from Emelin and Gilbert, along with a couple of goals from Pacioretty and Desharnais, the Montreal Canadiens took over first place in the Eastern Conference by beating the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1. Join Corey Collard, Steve Farnham, Sean Lloyd, Kelly Greig from Sportsnet and Coach K as they try to make sense of it all.

January 2, 2015.