Gateway: The Big Picture and A Road Less Travelled

Quebec City, QC– VIRTUALLY EVERY NIGHT this summer, Samuel de Champlain sails into the Port of Québec, just as he did 403 years ago … only this time he’s 30 metres tall. Champlain’s arrival in Québec is part of The Image Mill, a 40-minute film recounting the city’s history, from its founding to the internet age. Massive grain silos on the waterfront serve as the screen to the world’s largest projection, a 600-metre-wide by 30-metre-tall canvas. The show, created for Québec’s 400th anniversary in 2008, will be re-designed for 2011 and 2013. For show times at the Image Mill this summer, please go to

Yellowknife, NWT– TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Canadian city with the most hours of summer sunshine by driving the Ingraham Trail, a 70-kilometre route east from Yellowknife that threads together dozens of lakes and countless hiking, boating and camping opportunities. Hike amid wetlands, peat fields, boreal forest and pink granite ledges to the top of Ranney Hill for a 360-degree view of the capital area. Or head 20 kilometres east of the city to Prosperous Lake, a name that lives up to its fine fishing. The Cameron Falls Trail lies a little more than halfway down the road: this 20-minute hike leads to Hidden Lake Territorial Park, a wild enclave with few trails. And at the end of Ingraham Trail, you reach the start of the world’s longest ice road — for two months, it stretches to just beyond the Nunavut border — and Tibbitt Lake. It’s the perfect place to pitch a tent and watch the sun set and rise just a couple of hours apart.


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