Reviews: Fresh Water the Essence of Life

See it in Canadian Geographic HERE

Part coffee-table tome and part encyclopedia, Fresh Water is dedicated to exposing threats to fresh water around the world, with accomplished photographers and expert writers providing a snapshot of global issues. Show – cas ing work by the International League of Conservation Photographers, the book advocates for freshwater protection, through conservation and legislation.

Canada makes for an interesting study. We are condemned because of tar-sands pollution but hailed as a leader for protecting rivers such as British Columbia’s Flathead. Although our water wealth is by no means assured, it stands out when we look at pictures of the parched earth in Mali or of cattle searching for moisture in the deserts of Madagascar.

Indeed, Fresh Water’s strength lies in its photography. Images of exotic animals, plants and locations depict vastly diverse uses of fresh water, from the fury of hydroelectric dams to the mist that keeps golf courses green. The text, a mix of science, history and law, makes the point that freshwater ecosystems are the ultimate biodiversity hot spots, but the facts and tables deployed may prove too intimidating for the average reader. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.



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