Kelly Greig Reporter Demo Reel

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Kelly Greig is a reporter, host and producer based in Montreal, QC. With over five years experience in media she is comfortable reporting, interviewing and self-producing pieces that range from formal reports to interactive personality pieces. She is now working with Sportsnet and City TV on the weekly sports magazine show Montreal Connected where she is a reporter and associate producer. Formerly she held positions with CBC Montreal, CBC London (UK), Discovery Channel Canada, Canadian Geographic, OpenFile Montreal, The Gazette and CJAD 800 AM. Shot by: Ian Graham Edited by: Samuel Saulnier


2 thoughts on “Kelly Greig Reporter Demo Reel

  1. Jacek Suchecki says:

    About Lasalle events:
    My son and his 4 friends were robed in the same way (at gunpoint) in Riverside Park when plying soccer on Sunday evening (two weeks ago). I’m just wondering why the police did not make a portrait-robot of the aggressor(s). They have a very good description. I’m just worry that next time it could end in a tragedy….

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