Global Montreal: Cat found injured, left for dead in Pointe Saint-Charles

POINT ST-CHARLES — Alice, Romeo and Bubbles are the lucky ones. They are rescues taken in by Christine Motte who is all too familiar with how cruel the streets of Montreal can be for cats.

Monday, she found an apparent case of abuse on social media that spurred her to action.

A friend found a cat severely wounded and left for dead in a box in Pointe Saint-Charles.

“She told me that the kitten was found in a shoebox with the lid on it and the cat was still alive,” said Motte. “When she told me that a red flag went up.

“Someone put her in that box, covered it, and left her there suffering. She was alive.”

“She couldn’t even cry out for help. It’s disgusting.”

The cat was taken to a veterinarian but the injuries were so serious she had to be put down.

Recently the SPCA has received numerous complaints regarding animal abuse – some so serious they’ve led to criminal investigations. In May, four kittens were found mutilated in Laval. The string of incidents led to a criminal inquiry.

“It seems like numerous people are intent on getting rid of cats by any means necessary, including illegal, unethical and cruel means,” said the SPCA’s Alanna Devine.

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A bill tabled last month at the National Assembly proposed harsher penalties for those convicted of animal abuse. Fines would range from $250 to $250,000 and repeat offenders could see up to 18 months of jail time.

The SPCA asks anyone with information relating to this case or others like it to contact them by phone or on their website.


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