Global Montreal: EXCLUSIVE- Lasalle residents targeted in cell phone robberies

LASALLE – Riverside Park in Lasalle is known for being a perfect place for athletes to train.

But lately it’s getting a different kind of track record – an ideal location for muggers looking for cell phones.

Global News can exclusively report that since June, there have been four reports of cell phone thefts in the borough.

One of the incidents was alleged to have taken place in the park.

According to a post on social media, a teenage boy was held up at gunpoint, dragged into the park, and mugged for his wallet and cell phone.

“There have been a couple of thefts in the Lasalle borough at night hours between at 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. in the morning,” said Laurent Gingras with Montreal police.

“That’s when the thefts happen.”

Acting borough mayor Laura Palenstini said LaSalle has increased security in their parks, which includes changing the lights from yellow to white and have officers-in-training on patrol.

“We have eight cadets that are financed by the borough, by this administration to ensure we have additional safety,” he told Global News.

Montreal police have given Global News a press release that will be distributed to the rest of the media on Thursday.

All the same, residents told Global News that they’ve heard about the incidents and are on high alert.

“My mum obviously yelled at me saying ‘Don’t go out at night, be careful, don’t take the bus home, avoid anything outdoors around here,’” said Sabrina Zoso, a Lasalle resident.

“I was kind of restricted.”

Police are encouraging anyone who has been a victim or who has information to call them.


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